Arnold Schwarzenegger Finally Meets His Black Son After 21 Years!!!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Finally Meets His Black Son

Arnold Schwarzenegger Finally Meets His Black Son! Actor Arnold just found out through DNA testing that he is the father of Antoine Williams after twenty-one years. Schwarzenegger discovered he could have possibly fathered a child by a black American, Ester Lewis, earlier this year. Schwarzenegger and Lewis had a brief affair in 1994, while Schwarzenegger and his wife, Maria Shiver, were married. Lewis worked for the Schwarzeneggers as a nanny to their children. During this time period, the two would engage in sexual activities. On several occasions, Lewis admits she received several gifts to assure her silence.

Recently, Schwarzenegger received a letter from Antoine, asking for a DNA test to prove paternity. According to Antoine, he never knew who his father was and he certainly never expected to be white. “Growing up without a dad has been tough. I would watch television and movies and would idolize the strong male characters. As many times as I’ve seen Terminator, never in a million years did I think the Terminator was my daddy”, says Antoine. Antoine only recently decided to inquire about the identity as his father when he learned that he would be a father himself.

Since the DNA test has concluded that Arnold did indeed father Antoine, the two have been catching up on missed time. The two immediately established a relationship and talk daily. Antoine plans on visiting Austria to meet extended family. Just like his dad, Antoine has been into body building for the past 7 years and played collegiate sports.


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